Thin privilege is never being called a whelephant. Thin privilege is calling other people whelephants…and butter slugs and salad dodgers and lard muffins. By using body positive terms like plus sized, heavyset, plump or BBW, you’re doing fatties no favours. In fact you’re complicit in their slow death from obesity-induced causes. If you truly care about the fat people in your life, you’ll shock them into action by calling those tubby little bitches exactly what they are…



Of all obesity-related diseases, the most distressing is Eyeburn, which directly results from seeing fat people naked. – Encyclopedia Dramatica


Entry level names for fat people

★ Hambeast

★ Hamplanet

★ Hamgalaxy

Note: any large object can be turned into a fat pejorative simply by adding ham-, cheese- or lard- as a prefix.

fat people universe



Kektastic names for obese people

★ Butterball

★ Tub of guts

★ Beached whale

★ Cheese hog

scumbag fat girl★ Gravy dumpster

★ Hogbeast

★ Whelephant

★ Fatty McFat

★ Feminist

★ Wobbles McGee

★ Obeast

★ Butter slug

★ Diabeetus

★ Laardvark

★ Tubblerina

★ Ambulocetus (literally: walking whale)



Moar nicknames for fat people

★ Snorlax

ham planet★ Wildebeest

★ Skin farm

★ Mooby dick

★ Salad dodger

★ Thicky Minaj

★ Bag of doughnuts

★ Deep fried couch potato

★ Lard muffin

★ Porch walrus

★ Beluga

★ Notorious P.I.G

★ Aisle blocker

★ Thightanic

★ Buffet killer

★ Butter queen

Fat people like to eat, cry, talk trash with their fat friends, eat, act petty, eat in secret, cry about how this shallow and materialistic world is so unjust to their kind, cry while eating, and most importantly, eat while crying. – Based ED


Band names for fatties

fat cat nickname★ Hamthrax

★ Can’t Run DMC

★ Buns and Roses

(Add your own in the comments section below)



Names for the solitary fat girl in a group

★ Duff (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)

Spanish names for fat people

★ Gordo

★ Obeso

★ Bola de grasafat cat name

★ Ballena

★ Atocinado

★ Rollizo

★ Rechoncho

★ Sebo


Ed Uncovered’s names for fat people

★ Count Fatula

names for fat★ Twin-seater

★ Tit hoarder

★ Sweatshop

★ Loo breaker

★ Lard gargler

★ Metaballistic (“muh metabolism”)

★ Cake magnet

★ Cannibal killer

★ Wifi blocker

★ Wrecking ball

★ Saturated fatwah

★ Carbzilla

★ Dickshade

fat nicknames


100% of the Fat Acceptance Movement is women. This is because a dude will usually be honest about the fact that he’s a fat fuck because he really likes food. Fat bitches, on the other hand, have convinced themselves that they are mysterious creatures who nibble delicately on salads and only weigh 250 lb due to genetics.” – Incredibly based ED



By Ed Uncovered


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