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Marcella’s Italian Bakery

Marcella’s Italian Bakery 20A Brougham Place Tollcross EH3 9JU Tel: 0131 622 5781 Why is the food in here so cheap? Why is there never more than a single table occupied? Why the hell are there six CCTV cameras protecting a...

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Halfway House

Edinburgh Uncovered your city, laid bare   Halfway House 199 High Street 24 Fleshmarket Close, Edinburgh EH1 1BX 0131 225 7101 Located along Fleshmarket Close, just past a pile of puke and two doors down from some junkie...

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The Chanter

It is an axiom that all pubs that close for refurbishment will re-open as a poorer imitation of themselves and The Chanter is no exception.

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Located on Laurison Place, a street famous for, well, nothing whatsoever, Brauhaus is beer heaven on earth. Unless you don’t like beer of course, in which case it is veritable beer hell.

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