Edinburgh’s Best Window Cleaners Rated and Recommended

It ain’t easy trying to pick the best in class. There are so many variables to take into consideration. Take window cleaning for instance. The job itself is straightforward enough, and it would be fair to say that most companies clean windows to the same high standard, for the ones who didn’t would soon be out of business. What differentiates the best cleaners then isn’t so much the lustre they leave in their wake, but rather their reliability.

The question is not “Can this company clean my windows?”, but rather “Can they perform a consistent job come rain or shine and provide a competitively priced service?” For businesses and homeowners seeking window cleaning services in the Edinburgh area, there’s no shortage of options, as a quick Google will reveal. After considering all the options, weighing up past and present experience of hiring window cleaning services, and asking others for their recommendations, there’s one company whose name consistently keeps cropping up however – SPM.

Edinburgh’s best window cleaner?

SPM would have to be our pick for window cleaning and general maintenance in Scotland, both in Edinburgh and further afield; other areas covered include Glasgow and Aberdeen. Although they provide domestic window cleaning, they’re best known for providing contracts for businesses and other enterprises: hotels, restaurants, hospitals and all the rest of it. Like most window cleaning companies, they cover the retail, commercial and public sectors. If it’s made of glass and needs cleaned, in other words, they’ll take care of it.

Cleanliness is about more than boasting glistening windows front and back and top and bottom however. What about all those other areas of your life that could use a deep clean? No, not your hard drive or your cooker (though there are companies that will provide those services too), but rather your car and carpets. For the former, you could just go to the garage, stick £1 in the machine and try your best to hoover up the dirt using a low suction nozzle that’s blocked with Lego pieces and gravel. Alternatively, you could save yourself some time and hassle and get a professional to do the job for you.

Edinburgh’s best car cleaning service

For mobile car valeting in the Edinburgh area, we’d recommend As Clean As You Like. Presumably you like “very clean”, and that’s something this car wash and auto valeting company, based on Newhaven Place in the city, will be able to provide. Aside from car valeting, they’ll also take care of your van, motorhome, caravan and anything else on four wheels that’s prone to getting dirtied by the rigours of everyday use.

So now your windows are squeaky clean thanks to SPM and your car’s cleaner than the day you bought it. That just leaves your carpets. Our final tip for the best professionals in the cleaning game would have to be King Carpet’s Rafik Khennouf. Rafik at King Carpet specialises in carpet cleaning and has an uncanny knack for eliminating stains that by all rights should unremovable and generally restoring household carpets to an immaculate state.

Anyone can set up a cleaning company, but to turn it into a successful business requires years of hard work, reliability and excellent customer service. The three firms mentioned here have all that in spades. ‘Best’ might be a hard distinction to make, but SPM, As Clean As You Like and Rafik Khennouf can each stake a claim for being Edinburgh’s best in class.