bitcoin casinoSo you’ve got a bunch of bitcoins burning a hole in your wallet? Perhaps your Linux-loving mate convinced you to buy a couple coins, or perhaps you mined them way back and have decided it’s time they were released back into the wild. Whatever the case, there’s a wealth of ways to spend those bad boys.

In theory you can buy anything with bitcoin, from a beach villa to a Maserati, but unless you were mining around the time of the genesis block, odds are you’re sitting on a humbler pile. Enough for a few drinks perhaps, or to treat yourself to a VPN. Here are five ways to make those BTC work for you.

1. Get behind a proxy

If you’re purchasing an anonymity service it makes sense to purchase it with an anonymous currency (or a pseudo-anonymous one if you wanna get technical). Providers such as Black VPN will furnish you with a six-month subscription for around 0.25 BTC. A pretty good investment if your work or personal browsing is best conducted away from prying eyes. Or, y’know, if you just wanna stream the football while you’re overseas.

bitcoin dice2. Get rollin’

VPNs are practical, but they’re not very fun. If you’re looking for a quicker way to spend your satoshis, try bitcoin dice. Create an account with a bitcoin casino, fire over some funds and hit play. Will you roll high or low? Get it right and watch your bitcoin balance grow.

3. Get tech

If you love bitcoin (or even if you just think it’s kinda OK), odds are you’re reasonably tech literate. Upgrading your shiny gadgets to even newer, shinier gadgetry is a doddle now that many of the world’s tech giants accept the digital currency. Microsoft take bitcoin as payment for their online services including XBox Live, and Dell are also onboard.

[quote_center]‘‘Whoever dies with the most bitcoins still dies.’’ [/quote_center]

4. Get drunk

While there are a number of bitcoin-accepting bars around the world, Honest Brew might just be the first craft beer store to accept the currency. Don’t order from them because they accept bitcoin though: do it because their craft beer is damn tasty.

5. Get the hell out of dodge

Why sit in a darkened room staring at a glowing screen when you can gaze at that screen from the beach or the mountains or anywhere else that isn’t your current location? BTCTrip is the internet’s preeminent bitcoin travel website, offering flights and hotels to a wealth of destinations, but California’s CheapAir are also worth a look.

The bitcoin economy may be in rude health, but its dollar value isn’t going to the moon any time soon. Remember: whoever dies with the most bitcoins still dies. So whatchu waiting for? Get out there and start spending those satoshis.


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